I love shooting Babies!

Here’s Why !

I have a memory of an elephant, apart from the gait ! I remember my time as a baby, be it my first birthday or various day to day events and incidents since I can remember. At that very time even as an infant I unconsciously had a to-do list in my head for how I would treat babies when I grow up. I remember my dreams and fears, what made me laugh and made me cry. I remember the comforting caress, the healing hold the amusing baby talks of my parents and loved ones. I remember being held infront of the AC and how the cold gush of air entertained me. I remember a lot more.

In my growing up years, I always shared a very special connection with the babies i interacted with, whether they were from the family or otherwise. I loved holding them, listening to them babble, looking at them in deep sleep for hours. The smell of a baby lightened me up. The carefree persona attracted me, wanting to keep in touch with the innocence, with the divinity in them. I always reasoned with myself, that since they were just born, they were closer to god than all of us !

I always knew from within that my purpose in life had something to do with babies, toddlers and children. Baby Photography is my way of connecting and reaching out to these God sent angels, to learn to be more like them, to witness the nurturing mother, the protective father, to be a small part of their life and capture the memories that enriched my experience with them, for them.

My father and I


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